"The Medical & Science Committee shall undertake such projects as are requested by the Executive Board and Assembly, and shall propose an annual plan and potential projects to those entities for consideration and approval."
(AIDA Statutes, p. 11.6)
The responsibility of the Medical & Science Committee.

The agenda of the Medical & Science Committee consists of global long term and scheduled everyday activities.

Everyday activities consist of reviewing and updating the AIDA medical procedures and recommendations, management and reporting of freediving incidents, revision of the Rules with the Technical Committee, function as an Q&A-platform for the AIDA community, creating support for local medical teams, reviewing the AIDA training materials.

The life cycle of global initiatives includes:
— determination of current needs, in co-operation with the Board, the AIDA Committees and the AIDA community
— defining topic content, execution timeframe and resource availability
— taking part in the AIDA Board approval process
— expert-based task execution
— entertaining discussions with the AIDA officers
— publishing research, results and advice towards the AIDA community.

Following are examples of documents developed under the global initiatives in the last three years:

"AIDA Blackout Policy", "AIDA Squeeze Policy", "Medical Recommendations for Organizers of Depth Competitions", "Medical Examinations during the Competitions", "Management of Serious, Life-Threatening and Fatal Incidents", "Management of Medically- and Scientifically- Related Inquiries", "Doping Control Procedures for AIDA World Championships and World Record Attempts", etc.

Members of the Committee
Jeroen Van Haudt
Management of the information about freediving incidents
Frederic Lemaitre
Ph.D., Ass. Prof., Physiologist
Medical & Scientific Management of the AIDA Rules and Regulations
Oleg Melikhov
Ass. Prof., M.D., Ph.D.
The Russian Federation
Chairman of the Committee
Medical & Science Officer
AIDA International
Juan Martin Valdivia Valdivia
The United States
Medical & Scientific Communication
Irina Zelenkova
M.D., Ph.D., Sport Physician
The Russian Federation
Medical & Scientific Support of AIDA Education
Experts of the Committee
Thomas Ardavany, RN, NREMT-P
The United States
Eugeny Boutov, M.D.
The Russian Federation
Ying-Jen Chi, M.D.
Jun Matsuno, M.D., ISMF
Hector Ruiz, M.D.
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